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Amazing! We asked Graeme to help us with our dogs Monty (Old English Sheepdog) and Alfie (Cavachon). We couldn’t believe the difference so quickly. Monty only jumped up once at the TV with a programme showing dogs, unlike all the time. He had second thoughts and stopped. If we hadn’t seen this we would have said it must have taken several takes to do this. He doesn’t pull so much on the lead and whereas before he was very reactive meeting other dogs he now seems a lot calmer, me included! Alfie walks better now and constant yapping is becoming a thing of the past… going out in the car is becoming a pleasure again. Graeme really is incredible and we all learnt a lot from him while having a good laugh and joke enjoying ourselves. We have seen how things can be changed including with how we think and know things will go on improving putting into practice what Graeme showed us. Thanks again Graeme!

Phil and Paola Hill Iver Heath August 28, 2017