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Dogs on the beach

Dogs Need Holidays Too

Dogs need holidays too It’s not just humans who need a break. Dogs need holidays too. I’m sure most of you will agree, our dogs enjoy a pet friendly holiday just as much as we do. Recently, I was asked by the nice people at Parkdean Resorts to give my thoughts on how a holiday…

Graeme Hall Dogfather TED Talk

Graeme’s TED Talk Hits YouTube

“Why Using Dog Training Psychology To Train People Makes Sense”

Have you heard of TED talks? They’re quick twenty minute talks that are recorded live and put online where people share interesting ideas. Previous TED talkers have included Bill Clinton, Bono and Richard Branson so when I was asked to do a TED talk last year I was rather pleased with myself.

What was the idea I was dying to share with the world? Well surprisingly, perhaps, it’s around training people, and how using dog training psychology to get more of the behaviours you want and less of the stuff you don’t want, It works a treat. Well, absolutely without treats to be precise.

If you’d like to hear how to motivate people, dogs and even yourself – and how I used it on myself to win dancing competitions (yes, really), you can see my 16 min talk here

Dogs Behaving Badly star Graeme Hall 'The Dogfather' and dogs

Television’s Dogfather

Channel 4 TV March 2017 ‘Dogs Behaving Badly’, a brand new hour-long programme featuring television’s Dogfather, Graeme Hall launched to coincide with Crufts. The programme sees television’s Dogfather tackle Rome – an out of control 71 kilo Great Dane from South Shields who intimidates all in his path. In Weymouth, Addie is a jealous Poodle…

Leigh Anne and Dogfather

Celebrity Dog Trainer

It’s not everyday I work with an X Factor winner, but the opportunity arose earlier this year when Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock needed a little expert help with her dog, a cute Pug cross called Harvey. It turns out that winning a TV show like X Factor throws up some interesting dilemmas. For a…

“One of Britain’s Top Dog Trainers”

When Countryside magazine were looking for a dog trainer, we were delighted they chose The Dogfather “One Of Britain’s Top Dog Trainers” I love training people and dogs and it’s a subject I can talk about with anyone who’ll listen. I’ve been Countryside’s resident dog expert for a while now and since March 2013 I’ve…

Lessons For Dog Owners From Mazda..?

I bought a Mazda MX5 recently. Everyone thinks I’m having a mid life crisis. It’s back to my automotive roots really as my first car was an MG Midget. I competed in sprints and speed hillclimbs with another MG too in the Nineties. (It’s not the size of your sportscar, it’s how you use it…

“Britain’s best dog trainer” The Telegraph

Any dog – Any age – Any problem – Anywhere in UK Described by The Telegraph as “Britain’s best dog trainer’, Graeme Hall is star of television’s ‘Dogs Behaving Badly’. The Dogfather is based in Northamptonshire & Warwickshire and criss-crosses the country helping people with dog training and behaviour. As a result, in 2018 he’s…