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Graeme came to see us at the end of April 2017 as we were having issues with walking our two, 18 month old golden retrievers. Within minutes of entering the house he was able to completely sum up both of their different personalities and have them under his control very quickly.

He began to explain to us, in very simple terms, how we could control them to display the behaviour that we wanted with using techniques that were non aggressive or over domineering, which was very important to us as a family.

We were not only battling with the constant lead pulling but also with the vast amount of cats in the neighbourhood and when you’ve been dragged through numerous bushes and caught up in the chase, it really is time to call ‘Graeme – The Dogfather’.

Whilst visiting us, Graeme came out for a general walk and had total control over them, he also had them sitting within 10ft of the neighbours cats with total control – If we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes we would not have believed it!

We are a few weeks on now and are using the techniques that Graeme has shared with us, the results are outstanding and we are also able to adapt them to other situations as they arise. I would most definitely recommend Graeme for the best outcome.

Thank you Graeme for helping us realise that we needed the training rather than our doggies.

Vikki Burden Birmingham May 11, 2017

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