Logan is an Alaskan Malamute who is now 15 months. One moment we had a cute little puppy but within 8 months he was 45kg, stubborn, continually trying to dominate all in the household, walking him was the worst nightmare my arms were seriously bruised from him jumping up and biting them. There was no pleasure in being with him and after a very bad experience with a dog trainer who came to our house, stirred Logan up so much that he became aggressive towards me and left telling us that we need to get rid of him and that he had serious issues with me in particular.

At that point as a family we started to discuss rehoming him as both myself and our daughter had started to become frightened of him. However, we did some research into other dog behaviourists/dog trainers, spoke about our concerns with several and after contacting Graham’s team felt reassured that we would get the support we needed to make the right decision for Logan. In August Graeme came to our home and I think the most important thing we learnt is that Logan is just a dog!! and our training began…..Whilst he is not perfect, will always want to be the top dog and still is not easy to walk. I no longer have bruises and feel in control when out together, my daughter is no longer afraid of him and we wouldn’t be without him. Thank you

Karen Aldred Warwickshire January 10, 2018