Graeme came to visit us to help with our dogs Buddy and Ruby. We believed Buddy to be a lost cause, a vet having told us he has a canine version of ADHD and autism. Ruby was scared of her own shadow and both dogs were rescued from a puppy farm. Needless to say they have awful mental health issues but we refused to give up on them. We had tried everything, Buddy had even had Diazepam and it hadn’t helped.

We then saw the wonderful “Dogs Behaving Badly” programme from C4 and the awesome Graeme! We decided that we would forgo our holiday this year and, instead, hire Graeme as he really was our last hope. He came to see us on Saturday 8 July and spent several enlightening hours with us! He was kind, funny, caring, confident and clearly a dog lover. He trained us as well as Buddy and Ruby. We started to immediately put into practice all that Graeme had taught us, knowing that it would take time, patience and consistency.

Today (10 July) its like we have two different dogs!! My clients came to the house and apart from the normal barking when someone comes to the door the dogs both settled down and there was no bad behaviour and no barking. Usually when people come to the house and they stand up after being sat down the dogs go crazy, today —— nothing!! They are walking much better on the leads and Ruby is no longer pulling and almost choking herself in the process. Its absolutely amazing what Graeme has achieved. Buddy will always have his issues no matter what, and we were under no illusions about that but its totally amazing what Graeme has done with them. He has given US the tools for life which we can make their lives less stressful and much easier along with making our lives less stressful in the process.

Its the best money we have ever spent. The back room staff were also amazing and an absolute credit to Graeme. It was just like welcoming an old friend into our home as he made everything so comfortable for us all. We would all like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts Graeme.

Big love, Ria, Brian, Buddy and Ruby xxxxx

Ria Cohen Saltash, Cornwall July 10, 2017