For our Great Dane Hectors second birthday we treated him to a one-to-one session with Graeme to help us deal with his increasingly difficult behaviour particularly on (but also off) the lead. Whilst Hector is well socialised and very friendly towards 95% of other dogs, we find it impossible to predict which are going to fall within the 5% that he takes against – so walking him has become increasingly stressful.
We had a really interesting morning with Graeme who confirmed that we are dealing with a cowardly boy (although he is hiding it well!) and were able to test the on lead control technique with a real live “victim” (thanks Bowie!), both kept a safe distance from each other whilst giving us plenty of time to get some confidence in handling our 65kg scaredy dog.
Its now 3 weeks since our session and although its not going to be a quick fix we do have a lot more confidence in handling Hector and are determined to increase his confidence and achieve a happy and relaxed dog when we are out and about.
We really enjoyed our sesison with Graeme and although at the start I’m not sure Hector thought that this was the best present ever, hopefully it will be in the end!

Richard and Karen Gordon Cirencester May 12, 2017