We have a moody French Bulldog and to be honest we started to think our dog had serious behavior issues that were out of control, one minute our dog.. Jeff was cute and cuddly and without warning he would turn into a possessed angry dog literally he would have a frenzy! Every time we took him for a walk there would be an episode, in the past we have taken Jeff to dog training class, paid for a one to one dog trainer who said Jeff was stubborn and moody and told me off for not being in control. Nothing worked!

The final straw happened when Jeff knocked over a table when he tried to jump up at a waiter, we left in tears, we tried a muzzle, impossible for a Frenchie and thought we need to speak to a Vet to see if there is a calming tablet .. yes we were desperate, then a friend suggested the Dogfather!

I have watched the TV shows for naughty dogs and thought no way can that happen in one day! Having owned a dog previously we have tried all the techniques but nothing helped with Jeff.

After Graeme’s visit one week later I have a different dog!! He understood Jeff, wow we were lost for words. Jeff gets anxious and moody , we now know how to not feed his anxiety and calm him down, control his moods , he showed us how to look for the signs and techniques to use to manage Jeff’s temperament.

It is not just myself and my husband who are lost for words so are friends and family, I am hearing…
“No way” and “Wow seriously we can not believe that is the same dog”

We can take Jeff out without feeling on edge, a dog recently growled at Jeff and using the techniques we were shown Jeff ignored the dog and looked at me calmly.

Thank you so much Graeme for not just changing our lives but also Jeff’s . You truly are a Dogfather !

Tina, Dave and Jeff x

Tina Jeffery Kent November 23, 2017