Irene and Lorraine, Bichon Frise Owners, Northampton

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"We bought Milo for my Mum for her retirement present to keep her company and busy. They bonded straight away, but unfortunately this led to Milo being so distressed if Mum left him, tearing at the carpet by the door, crying and being very very distressed.

Milo, Bichon. How cute is he..?
"This really upset my Mum as she had become so attached to Milo. This led to us trying various methods, kongs, distraction, but Milo always seemed to be one step ahead of us!

"I finally found the Dogfather on an Internet search and we decided that we had tried so many things that it was time for professional help! I was concerned that the help and advice that we could receive may be too complicated for Mum to follow, but we had no need to worry. Graeme is not only good with dogs but people also!! The advice given was easy to follow and made sense, and reassured Mum that she can still spoil Milo, but keeping to certain boundaries would make all the difference. And it certainly has!

"Milo can now be left happily for a few hours with no problems or anxiety shown! The only small problem that we have at the moment is that Milo is so excited on Mums return, but this is gradually easing. Milo is happy which means my Mum is also!! A big thank you to the Dogfather and would definitely recommend your services to any dog owner. Many thanks, Irene and Lorraine"

Graeme says: Irene and Lorraine chose a Dogfather One to One Dog Training & Dog Behaviour Consultation. Separation anxiety isn't easy to resolve but following the right advice makes a big difference. I'm delighted Irene and (super-cute) Milo are so much happier now. Cool!

Added 6th May 2012

Sue M, Parsons Jack Russell Owner, Earls Barton

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Effi, Parsons Jack Russell Terrier
"Hi Graeme, We would just like to thank you both for the puppy training .We found it very helpful and mostly enjoyable (Effi did have her moments… Or were they my moments ?!). We will continue to work on the things you have taught us and look forward to many happy years together. Many thanks again.  Kind regards  Sue and Effi x

Graeme says: How lovely! We received this spontaneous message after Sue and Effi completed their course of Dogfather Puppy Training and Socialisation Classes. "Helpful and enjoyable" is certainly what dog training should be, in a nutshell! Well done Sue!

Added 29th April 2012

Di & Jeff, Collie x Labrador owners, Rushton

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Rex at 8wks oldThanks Graeme for all your help in getting our little Rex sorted. Puppy classes were great. We really enjoyed them & learnt a lot which is very very handy. Rex was fine over the firework period, completely chilled out.

Just got to stop him jumping up at our friends (just had a stranger in the house & he was no problem – no jumping). Also on recall when out walking etc. if no luck by the time the New Year sets in, we will contact you for a 1-1. Thanks again & enjoy your trip to Australia. Di, Jeff & Rex xx   Added 5th December 2011

Rex at 11 months
Updated 15th April 2012: Rex at long last come back to when we call him, sometimes at a very slow pace & I mean slow. When caravanning last weekend we had wonderful comments on how good he was for a pup…. he stay around the old tincan & sat & watch people just walk by. They couldn't believe it as their 3 year old was a nightmare. Thanks for all your help.  xxxx

Dogfather says: Di and Jeff had a Puppy one to one consultation, then came to puppy classes and dog training classes. It shows – He's remarkably well behaved these days for a young Collie-cross. Well done guys, keep up the good work! Graeme

Updated 15th April 2012

Sue A, Cocker x & Munsterlander Owner, Northants

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Fleadle, the most studious Cocker Spaniel in the world!“A DOGFATHER SEMINAR, should I bother..? My dogs are perfect… aren’t they? Hmm, well he does pull a bit, but that’s okay, she REALLY pulls bless her, but she’s only young, just excited. Might bark a bit… well a lot, but all dogs do that. Don’t they?? I think maybe we should pop along.

“So glad we did, what a great evening. A man that clearly knows what he’s talking about, eloquent, easy to listen to, all in all an evening of common sense, which leaves you thinking, “Huh, of course! , that explains a lot.”. The Loopy Tropez game was inspired. and very cleverly showed the point that was being made. (I’m not going into detail, it needs to be seen!)

“I thoroughly recommend it
, and would go so far as to say, even if you have the best behaved dogs in the world, it’s still worth popping along, it will give you an insight as to what other dog owners are dealing with.
So… Notes taken! Dogs warned!! Ready for action. Eyes peeled for more seminars, Thank you Graeme!” 

Graeme says: Thank you Sue. I’m so glad you enjoyed the evening. Me too! I LOVE that photo showing Fleadle studying hard. It makes me laugh every time I see it! Laughing. More seminars coming soon!

Added 5th March 2012

Susan A, Rottweiler Owner, Bedfordshire

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Here's an email received on the same day as a consultation, reproduced with permission. Susan chose Dogfather One to One dog training for her friendly and exuberant Rottweiler:

Lottie the Rottie. Lovely girl!!"Thank you for today, I found it interesting and very helpful. Although she was quite worn out after you left, we still went to an evening dog training class we currently attend (small classes of 4-6 dogs, six week courses, dogs work individually etc). Lottie usually 'explodes' into the hall with excitement, running to the end of the lead etc, just as you first saw today. I tried to copy what you had taught us today and what a difference – we made a very dignified entrance this time.  And virtually no jumping up at the trainer – she always wants to be teacher's pet Wink, and much more enjoyable for us both.

"When we arrived home a neighbour was passing by and stopped to chat – She went to lurch and jump up – just once.  Same technique as you showed today, then she sat quietly while we chatted, like this afternoon. So thanks, I can already see a difference and we will keep practising"  23rd Feb 2012

And on 1st March 2012, Susan sent an email entitled "One Week On" :

"This week has been quite a turning point when only a couple of weeks ago I was beginning to think I hadn't got what it takes to own a Rottweiler and that I was failing with her – and not her fault!  But we have made great strides this week and I feel back in charge in a positive and calm way that has definitely had a good effect on her.

"I think what you say about understanding the dog's psychology is so right, and following our session I now have renewed confidence that I know what is best for my dog – hence stopping the things that we are not enjoying together and being much clearer with her about what she should or shouldn't do.

"In just one week she has virtually stopped barking when in the car, much reduced barking in the house and garden, stopped scratching at the door for instant attention to go out into the garden and just waits quietly by the door to be let out, and was even calmer this week at the class we go to.  We both enjoy this class because the exercises involve her in having to think about what she has to do, and Rotties do like to be brain busy, don't they?  I have found a lead I find comfortable and we are now progressing well with the walking technique.  I am feeling back in control and back to enjoying being her owner, and she appears much calmer and happier, and is definitely more responsive"

Graeme says: What's not to like here, eh? I'm so pleased it's going this well. The last sentence says it all. Keep up the good work Susan. Remember you'll have good days and not-so-good days but you're on the right path now! Laughing   Updated 2nd March 2012

Sonya B, Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso & Maltese Owner, Howick, New Zealand

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"Hi Graeme, what a bit of luck meeting the ‘Dogfather’ in NZ' – love the name and the gear (Wot.. those shorts?? G) so I couldn’t possibly let you head back home without having a word with my crazy two babies. I call them babies as NZ Animal Management said to me once “these are dogs not babies”.  Ha ha yes I am one of the dog owners that people can’t stand – I cuddle them (That's OK G), let them sleep with me (Hmmm…? G), dance with them (Oh dear.. I draw the line at dancing… Foot in mouth G) and give them lots of treats, so it is probably no wonder Maggie my Maltese Terrier was very jealous when I got Scottie a Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso.

"Anyway Scottie is a grump and bites. I couldn’t believe it when I left him with Graeme to walk to the beach and after a few tantrums Scottie was walking like a little darling, he definitely needed more work than Maggie but you did a fantastic job and the best part is it gave me confidence to be firmer with them and realise that good discipline with dogs makes them so much more easier to handle. Of course my friends and family don’t mind popping over if they know they won’t get eaten alive or piddled on by a girlie Maltese Terrier who gets over-excited with guests! I hope you come back to NZ again I have told lots of people about you so you would be super busy – thanks again Dogfather." 

You can see Sonya, sister Jo and the dogs in the group pic on the beach, below. G

Graeme says: Thank you too Sonya! Keep up the good work and they'll be fine. It was lovely to meet you all and the dogs. I had a great time too. Funnily enough I've had an offer from down in the Wellington NZ area to go to work a little Dogfather magic there too so you never know. I promise to fly Air New Zealand next time too!

(Incidentally, if you landed here because you're looking for New Zealand Huntaway dog training, I'm your man. Find out more by following the link to my One to One Dog Training. I love working with them and I'll travel anywhere to train a Huntaway – even New Zealand!)

Added 26th Feb 2012

Bill Perry & Family, Border Collie owners, Auckland, New Zealand

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"Thanks for your assistance in training our Border Collie, Jordi. (Seen below with good friends) Here in New Zealand dog trainers such as yourself are a little thinner on the ground, so we were delighted to meet you, and impressed with the knowledge you possess on all things dog!
(Thank you kind Sir! GH)


"Jordi is an intelligent, but willful Border Collie and was pulling on the lead constantly,which made exercising him a chore. You managed to turn that situation around in about ten minutes! He now walks to heel impeccably and we are the envy of our friends and neighbours whose animals still pull them around the block. Your skill and patience were of the highest order. Delighted to have met The Dogfather, and Thank you!!!"

Graeme says: And I was delighted to meet you guys too! I had a great time on my Australia & NZ trip and worked with breeds as diverse as Shih-Tzu and American Bull Terrier. The photo was taken on the beach in Howick, Auckland, with Waiheke Island in the background. That's the sartorially elegant Nathan Perry with Jordi on the right. (It's also a very rare photo in so much as it shows The Dogfather in shorts. It turns out you don't need a licence for those legs Down Under after all..)

"Nek minute" I was back in the UK… (If you're reading this in NZ, you'll get the joke!)

Added 31st January 2012

Carol P, Basset Hound and Terrier Owner, Blisworth

Written by Graeme Hall on . Posted in What Clients Say

Bentley (L) and Tommy (R), lovely Basset Hounds! “They said it could not be done!

“Tommy came to us from Basset Hound Rescue with “issues” and was showing fear aggression particularly towards adult males. Bentley was also a rehome and much as we love him could only be described as a nightmare (particularly on walks). In all honesty he was a spoilt brat. Evelyn was found roaming the streets of Milton Keynes and came to us via the pound in an appalling state. The vet did not think she would survive.

I was a little sceptical at first as Bassets are not renowned for their trainablility, Tommy reacted in the expected way when Graeme first came through the door. We took each dog out for a walk and Bentley (the brat) pretty quickly took on board the idea of walking nicely and not “lunging” at everything he saw. Tommy was still unsure until we got out on the walk and Graeme ended up walking him and Tommy began to lessen the “over-reaction” to everything he saw. By the end of the one to one dog training session Tommy and Graeme were having a (manly) hug.

Evelyn, terrier, does Christmas fairy impression.“We continued with the Dogfather’s advice and walks have become less of a drama and more of a pleasure. On the follow up visit Graeme was pleased with the progress. We are still getting there, particularly with Tommy’s fear issues but his wonderful personality is beginning to show through and we now have 3 wonderful dogs.

“Rehome dogs can be hard work – but in reality I think they are no harder than a new puppy.”

Added 16th November 2011


Anna, Ellie & Martin Crisp from Northampton – Proud Owners of Hanslope Bobby, Sporting Lucas Terrier

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Bobby. Sporting Lucas Terrier. Butter wouldnlt melt. Honest!"Before we chose puppy training classes with Graeme we did quite a lot of research in to who to go with. The feedback Dogfather received was excellent and stood out from the rest.

"When we went to the puppy classes Graeme was very positive, confident and patient in what he was teaching us and we learnt a lot of skills in managing our lively terrier puppy. By the final class Bobby was able to pass the test with flying colours which gave us all a real sense of achievement.

"We now feel confident in what we are doing and really enjoy our time with our dog which we are certain wouldn't have been the case without the classes.

"We would highly recommend Graeme's services to anyone with a puppy"

Added 8th November 2011

Mike, Labrador Retriever Owner, Northampton

Written by Graeme Hall on . Posted in What Clients Say

Benji, Black Labrador being a very good boy for his Dad!"We asked Graeme for help 2 weeks after re-homing our 12 month old black lab, Benji. Up until then he enjoyed taking us for walks at Benji pace and jumping up on us at home constantly! In one to one dog training, Graeme took the time to assess our needs with some fascinating insight into dog and owner psychology.

"The jumping was cured pretty well straight away. Once on the lead Graeme weaved his magic and had Benji trotting beside him within a couple of minutes – I could not believe my eyes. After a couple of visits from Graeme, Benji has improved 100% on the lead – so goodbye Halti and hello flat collar!

"If you want someone who truly understands dogs and gives excellent straightforward advice – contact Graeme!"

Added 1st October 2011

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