Let’s face it, I could wax lyrical about how wonderful I think I am but ultimately it’s what my clients think that really counts, isn’t it? Here’s what Dogfather clients have to say. You can see more on LinkedIn (See ‘Full Profile’)

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This review is long over due…. but i feel now is perfect timing! Graeme came to us in April, after a couple of disastrous walks, looking back it had been gradually getting worse! I think we partly knew what we were doing was wrong, but didn’t have the solutions. 

Burt being a Rottweiler means we have a lot of judgement when out and about, and we wanted someone who could really understand the breed and wouldn’t be scared to work with him! 

Graeme helped us first with our anxieties and then took Burt out for a walk, immediately Burt was acting perfectly. Of course we thought it was his magic touch and it would be impossible to keep it up. 

However, this evening I have taken Burt out on my own (one really bad walk meant i lost all confidence in my ability with him, and worried about his strength!) and he was great, it was stress free. We met lots of people and dogs, and we had no major issues. He is still testing his boundaries, but I was very much in charge, and with continuous work we will be perfect! 

We cannot thank you enough, he is still the same dog, but we are much better owners! I just wish we had met you from the start! 

(I have also emailed since with further issues, that we either forgot to mention or are new, and have always received a rapid and more than helpful response! It’s really reassuring knowing that we have help just a phone call away!)

Thanks again!

Gemma Cade Oxford September 7, 2016

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We got Graeme out after several months of our dog not wanting to walk due to anxiety problems or so we thought!  After an initial explanation of dog psychology Graeme attempted taking her for a walk by implementing his methods.  She has not faulted since, due to Graeme’s amazing technique.  I would strongly recommend anyone having difficulties of any sort to get in touch.

Fiona Rowling Hertfordshire September 5, 2016

My daughter bought me Graeme’s visit as a birthday present and he visited me and my 2 dogs on the East Sussex coast today. We all clicked straight away and Graeme explained some things about my problem dog Sammy that I hadn’t been aware of or had suspected without knowing the reasons for his behaviour.

He talked about dog psychology, what to do and what not to do and we discussed various different aspects of dog ownership.

We went for a walk on the beach and Graeme showed me some methods and tricks that will help me deal with my dog’s anxiety and fear and improve our future outings.

Angela Burke East Sussex August 17, 2016

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I walked the dogs this morning and put everything into practice you suggested with excellent effect.  Thank you so much for such wonderful advice. I am totally delighted with the outcome.

Jackie H Northants July 14, 2016

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WOW!!!! Graeme came and visited me and my four dogs today. Luka our Samoyed, Ava our Westie, Maya our Romanian rescue and Charlie our Cyprus Poodle rescue. Within minutes of Graeme coming into my home I could see a difference in our dogs.

I called Graeme as I was having problems with the dogs barking at everything! The security light coming on, the postman, the door being knocked, family coming into the house, people walking past the bottom of our fenced garden, jumping up people, pulling on lead, craziness of actually trying to get the dogs on lead in a calm way and on a walk..

Well after a very in depth conversation which all made sense and why all my previous attempts of trying to get the dogs to stop barking, jumping up and pulling my arm out of the socket had failed, we put theory into practice. I honestly wouldn’t have believed the difference if I hadn’t seen it myself. The chaos that would normally ensue with getting leads out and putting them on the dogs to opening the front door never actually happened After Graeme took control and showed me how to walk the dogs to heel I took the lead.

I have been out briefly since Graeme left with each of the dogs and was amazed it was still working and he wasn’t present! I know it’s work in progress and consistency and hard work needs to continue but I a feeling very positive. I’m currently sitting with the back door open, i can hear people walking past and dogs barking in the distance and usually the dogs would charge out there and start barking but no, they are all laying on the floor.. they haven’t run off they are actually here.. but quiet?!?! It’s a whole new concept to me, Charlie had a quick low gruff and an ‘Ay’ nipped him in the bud.

If anyone is looking for a dog trainer this is the guy you need! I had four and a half hours with Graeme and is definitely money worth spending, lovely chap, easy to talk to with a sense of humour with it. Also I would like to say thankyou to Sarah who i spoke with initially, polite, friendly, lovely lady who explained everything to me and checked that i wanted to go ahead before taking the deposit. Very thorough and answered all my questions, well done for keeping up with all my dogs, their names, ages and breeds/where they were from! 

Emma Smith Wellingborough, Northants June 16, 2016

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