Let’s face it, I could wax lyrical about how wonderful I think I am but ultimately it’s what my clients think that really counts, isn’t it? Here’s what Dogfather clients have to say. You can see more on LinkedIn (See ‘Full Profile’)

Just a quick follow up and thank you to Graeme.

We had an hilarious time with Graeme with all his anecdotes and even learnt something along the way. It’s still early days but both Billy and Poppet are walking better on the lead with work still to be done on the barking. Jumping up, I think will soon be a thing of the past too.

I also wanted to say what a delight and pleasure to work with such a great team and would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks.

Have attached a pic of Billy at the end of the first day of his training…….. thoroughly exhausted!

Julie Carterton, Oxfordshire March 8, 2017

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Graeme came to help us primarily with our 5 year old Sprocker who was very nervous of other dogs and people,  showing this by barking at them.  In addition, we wanted him to teach us how to walk her and our puppy on a collar and lead without pulling or choking themselves!  I cannot believe how quickly both dogs walked beautifully and how soon Cookie started to ignore other dogs.  It’s only been a week and a bit since his visit, but I can walk both dogs with ease and come back with arms still attached!  Cookie still barks occasionally at dogs but not so much.  He taught them manners and we are definitely boss in the house now.  Even our dog walker found they stopped pulling, even on a harness!  I just wish I’d contacted him sooner. 

Hilary Hill Rushden, Northamptonshire February 23, 2017

We cannot be more delighted…within minutes Graeme had our little dog under control and has given us the best advice and guidance to help with our issues. Very happy customers! 

Nicky Northampton February 14, 2017

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Graeme came to work with us a short while ago because we were having problems with our female doberman cross husky Nova. She was getting way too excited when people came into the house, jumping up, and barking. When Graeme came in he instantly started working and nova backed down (a little too much to start with as she has a nervous nature). We then discussed our issues and what we had been doing to try and correct her. Then we took her for a walk which was one of the biggest problems we were having. By the time we finished the walk the improvement in her walking was amazing.

Since then we have continued to work with her on all of the things Graeme told us and she has improved every day. She still gets excited when people come in the house but she settles down a lot faster with the right correction. She has just turned one in January so we are hoping that she will calm down more as she grows up and as she learns to respond to corrections faster.

Her walking has improved although it still needs a lot of work as she is still trying to pull from time to time. My partner walks her as I still am not strong enough due to my health to walk her for as long as she needs.

All in all I am extremely glad we called Graeme and his team because she has made massive improvements and is much easier to handle at home and seems happier in general.

Kierre Tustin Wolverhampton February 5, 2017

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I just wanted to say a BIG thank you. I have been out for two walks with Elmo today and it has been just delightful. We both had the most wonderful time and I feel if Elmo could talk he would be thanking you too. I couldn’t believe he is the same dog. I just followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. I am so happy and I wanted to share that with you.

Thank you!

Northamptonshire February 2, 2017

An incredible chap. We had one-to-one training with our Chihuahua puppy and within minutes she was hanging off his every word. He genuinely loves what he does and ALL the dogs he works with. He even donated to our tiny little Dela years after we had met when she needed surgery. The man, the myth, the legend. The Dogfather. Accept no substitutes.

Eve Myhill Northampton January 20, 2017

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We asked Graeme to come and help us with our rescue dog Margot.  She was a long stay dog at the RSPCA centre and had a few problems which made walking very difficult.  Margot is a cross breed bull mastiff – a strong 32kg dog who pulls on lead and barks and lunges at other dogs and the occasional runner!  We have to muzzle her because when we try to hold her back she tries to bite us.  Apart from these walking issues Margot is a wonderful family dog.

We knew her aggression outside the house must have been caused by fear but we had no idea what to do!  Walking Margot for me was exhausting.  It hurt my back and I was always in total fear of meeting someone else with a dog – not just because Margot pulled but the sheer embarrassment too and how it would effect other people’s dogs.

We were apprehensive at first.  We didn’t think anything could be done to help Margot and had resigned ourselves to a life of avoiding other dogs and difficult walks!  BUT…. when Graeme arrived it was amazing – he had Margot walking properly in literally 5 minutes and was able to walk past a few other dogs at a distance without Margot going nuts!!  It has literally been a few days and we have a different dog.  Graeme has shown us how to take better control of Margot on a walk.  She no longer has a harness, instead Graeme recommended a new collar which works a treat.  Margot walks to heel – when we stop, she stops.  She doesn’t pull any more at all!  It is just incredible!

Today my husband and I walked past a dog which normally would have triggered Margot to bark – but she walked past it no problem!  I’m hoping in time, if Margot continues to show she can manage her fears, we will be able to get rid of that muzzle!  We can’t thank Graeme enough for his help!  What a difference it has made!  Walking is now pleasurable and Margot is a much happier dog!  We absolutely adore her and are so pleased we called Graeme for his help.  His knowledge of dog psychology is brilliant.  His methods are so simple and easy to follow, but knowledge aside, he’s a lovely chap, easy to talk to, and great fun too – I couldn’t recommend him enough! – Thank you Graeme!!!

Emma M Aylesbury, Bucks November 25, 2016

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Introducing Kiki 2.0 – The New and Improved Version of My Original Dog

Graeme visited us yesterday and the improvement was noticeable from the moment he walked through our door. I was skeptical, my partner on the other hand asked since booking if there was a money back option, why I even liked the dog, giving it up would be easier. (The dog came with the girl, the girl came from America, and no -there would be no giving the dog up!)

Our moods switched almost instantly the moment Graeme sat down and began talking, we could carry on a conversation without a crazy barking dog.

Adrienne Alford Wollaston November 23, 2016

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First of all I would like to say massive thank you for last Wednesday Graeme. I know that this was just a week ago but you have made such a great difference to how Toro is behaving.

I am happy to let you know that since you have left he did not attempt to attack me. We have managed to look at each other quite a few times now and he is not so stressed around me anymore. He has approached me a few days ago when I was seating on the sofa (I have blinked for my life) and he just wag his tale and wanted to cuddle. Also he is not barking any more overnight and the eating routine works perfectly to keep him calm.

Majority of the time he is still muzzled around me however yesterday we went for a walk without the muzzle, I walked him and he was great.
I understand that probably somewhere on the line we will have a setback but so far we did a great progress.

We taking small steps, 1 day at the time.

Sarah you were absolutely amazing from the beginning too. You were very kind and I felt reassured after talking to you. I was shocked how quickly you have replied to my massages (especially that this was a weekend) and how helpful you were with booking the appointment with such a short notice.

I was quite disturbed with my dog aggression and you made me feel (with your exceptional customer service and professionalism) that I am in good hands.
Thank you so, so much for your help!!!

Aleks S Worcestershire November 8, 2016

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Well, what can I say…

Pepsi and I really enjoyed our time at the puppy classes with Janine and her little helpers. Janine is so friendly and always has the time to answer questions after the class. Janine makes her classes a fun place to be and Pepsi looked forward to going there each week. Pepsi has learnt great recall at 15 weeks old and after her first night I was confident enough to let Pepsi off her lead during her walks. I will be doing the Bronze class at the start of the New Year. Have a great Christmas Graeme and his little team. 

Thank you all very much

Krystal, Dave and Pepsi 

Krystal Klyne Kettering November 3, 2016