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Let’s face it, I could wax lyrical about how wonderful I think I am but ultimately it’s what my clients think that really counts, isn’t it? Here’s what Dogfather clients have to say. You can see more on LinkedIn (See ‘Full Profile’)

Our family have never owned a dog before and have taken the big step of buying a Miniature Schnauzer. The proviso of having a dog was that it would be well trained and be able to fit in with our family life. I then proceeded to read every book on puppy training that has ever been written and frankly ended up very confused. This is where the idea of Graeme came in! He spent 3 …read more

Diane Northampton April 16, 2018

Dogfather Review Bolognese and Cocker Spaniel Dogs

Review: Prior to Graeme’s visit we had 4 very badly behaved Bolognese dogs. We cannot believe the transformation in such a short space of time. ( 2 days ) . Amazing is the word that comes to mind. We would recommend Graeme to everyone having problems with their pets. We would just like to say a very big thank you to Graeme for the amazing work he does. And as we have a doggy friendly …read more

Maureen & Mike Drummond Oban. Argyll. Scotland February 22, 2018

Well what can I say, we have a very excitable 4 year old boxer, which I spoilt as a puppy. We needed help with controlling his excitement not only in the house but on the lead. Within minutes of Lenny being let loose on Graham, he had Lenny sat between his feet very calm, I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, absolutely amazing. Waking him was like …read more

Kim Wiltshire January 18, 2018

Logan is an Alaskan Malamute who is now 15 months. One moment we had a cute little puppy but within 8 months he was 45kg, stubborn, continually trying to dominate all in the household, walking him was the worst nightmare my arms were seriously bruised from him jumping up and biting them. There was no pleasure in being with him and after a very bad experience with a dog trainer who came to our house, …read more

Karen Aldred Warwickshire January 10, 2018

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Our Staff cross Jimmy was highly reactive to other dogs during his walks & we could only make very slow progress with trying to control him. Graeme introduced us to the slip collar & its correct use & quick recognition of trouble trigger signals. Although he still has episodes his walking is much improved & he is much calmer & more controllable around other dogs, so are we!

Andrew Bedford November 28, 2017

We have a moody French Bulldog and to be honest we started to think our dog had serious behavior issues that were out of control, one minute our dog.. Jeff was cute and cuddly and without warning he would turn into a possessed angry dog literally he would have a frenzy! Every time we took him for a walk there would be an episode, in the past we have taken Jeff to dog training class, …read more

Tina Jeffery Kent November 23, 2017

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  I have taken a short while to write as I wanted to see if we really had made the right decision in asking Graeme to help us… It’s been an extraordinary time! Our understanding of Leo and his responses have helped bring some calm, and for me especially, some confidence. Could you let Graeme know I am leading not following! Leo responds in his bolshy/barking way but how we all respond (for the most …read more

Lisa and Richard G Chilcompton, Somerset October 26, 2017

Graeme came to work with our two collies, one nearly 14 so “an old dog…. new tricks” and one five year old.. They both had quite different issues but after a day spent with Graeme, we realised that he should change his name to “husband training”! We still have some way to go but the dogs are responding really well to the techniques we learnt. The dogs were tired out and slept for hours afterwards… …read more

Jan and David Stewart Kent September 29, 2017

Graeme travelled up to Edinburgh in August to spend time with Mariela and I and of course our beautiful girl Mia. Mia is a west highland terrier / bichon cross with some behavioural issues and after two unsuccessful attempts from previous dog trainers it was time to call in the big guns! Graeme was able to help us understand why Mia acted in the way she did and offer us excellent guidance to better manage …read more

Graham Hunter Edinburgh August 31, 2017

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Amazing! We asked Graeme to help us with our dogs Monty (Old English Sheepdog) and Alfie (Cavachon). We couldn’t believe the difference so quickly. Monty only jumped up once at the TV with a programme showing dogs, unlike all the time. He had second thoughts and stopped. If we hadn’t seen this we would have said it must have taken several takes to do this. He doesn’t pull so much on the lead and whereas …read more

Phil and Paola Hill Iver Heath August 28, 2017

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