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Let’s face it, I could wax lyrical about how wonderful I think I am but ultimately it’s what my clients think that really counts, isn’t it? Here’s what Dogfather clients have to say. You can see more on LinkedIn (See ‘Full Profile’)

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Graeme came to visit us to help with our dogs Buddy and Ruby. We believed Buddy to be a lost cause, a vet having told us he has a canine version of ADHD and autism. Ruby was scared of her own shadow and both dogs were rescued from a puppy farm. Needless to say they have awful mental health issues but we refused to give up on them. We had tried everything, Buddy had even …read more

Ria Cohen Saltash, Cornwall July 10, 2017

My husband, Chris, has already posted a review but I wanted to add a few words. Chris said on the day you visited us that “it was the first time he’d ever totally felt in control of our dog”. She’s 6 and we’ve had her since being a pup. It is now 9 days since you visited us. We have a different dog – well actually different owners! We’re practising being more stubborn than she …read more

Jo Storey Wakefield, West Yorkshire July 6, 2017

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Not bad for a Northern Monkey part ii Graeme visited us in early May to help with our 3 small terrors sorry terriers and my wife Sue and I thought it time for an update. Monty is far more confident in himself the yellow nervous harness and lead have been a constant source of conversation in Stanford but more importantly it had resulted in a lot less aggressive behaviour from our boy. The lead or …read more

Gary Smith Essex July 4, 2017

I’ve waited a few days before writing this review, I wanted to take Harley for a walk that would challenge us both. Historically Harley had wanted to attack other dogs she came near when on the lead. After the session with Graeme I have just taken Harley through a field full of dogs, some on lead, some not, without a hint of excitement from her or wanting to get at the other dogs. We also …read more

Chris Storey Altofts, Wakefield, W Yorks July 1, 2017

6 years ago we came to Graeme’s puppy classes with our miniature English bull terrier. He picked up all the basics at the Dogfather’s classes and went on to be FAULTLESS! He was more than a dog to us, he was the start of our family. Two children later and we couldn’t have asked for a better family dog. Sadly we only got 6 years with him. I would just like to thank you Graeme …read more

Sophie Purr Silverstone June 30, 2017

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Graeme has just left myself and our naughty puppy Hercules. I was nervous at first but I had absolutely no reason to be! He is a fountain of knowledge and had such a calming influence on our boy. We look forward to putting the training into practice and so far we haven’t been more confident dog owners.

Lucy Topham Hook, Hampshire June 30, 2017

Graeme had pretty much reformed Albert, our 18 month Cockapoo within 3 minutes of walking through the door! After months of our ‘puffed up’ little bundle of fur getting barkier, although it is early days, I am now enjoying some much needed peace and quiet. I also feel much more in control and feel that I have the techniques to better lead Albert and stop him in his tracks – with a mere look…. The …read more

Kam White Warwickshire June 11, 2017

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We had a most enjoyable session, my over-excitable, unruly, hyper dog and I with Graeme, the Dogfather. In the space of just one session, I watched the dog I had always wanted, the dog I always, deep down, knew was there, emerge, tail wagging. Finn barking unremittingly at visitors? Well, he certainly announced Graeme’s arrival as the car pulled into the drive, but once through the front door, Graeme so quickly quietened Finn, I almost …read more

Pippa and Finn Dorset June 9, 2017

we called on Graeme’s help after our rescue had had major op and was displaying signings of nervousness. Graeme gave me the confidence to help my pooch and this is a work in progress. There are no quick fixes just the right tools and repetition. Graeme explained in simple terms and gave us the means to help our pooch. I am now more confident when dealing with our boy who in turn is a little …read more

Julia Richards Buckinghamshire June 3, 2017

Graeme came to see us and our staffy cross Cassie on 22 April. We were not able to walk past other dogs with her lunging and pulling in a confrontational way and she was also suffering with separation anxiety. We spent a good three hours with Graeme including a walk out with Graeme demonstrating handling techniques. We had almost given up hope of encountering a dog when three opportunities arrived within ten minutes of one …read more

Veronica & Mike Barry Whipsnade June 1, 2017

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